5 Ways to Make People Keep On Reading Your Piece of Writing

Use a Killer Title

The first thing that’d grab your readers’ attention is the title of your piece, so it’s important you craft it well.

Start with a Sparkling Introduction (Question, Experience, Fact, Rare Quotes, or Story)

Tell a Story

This is related to the last point. However, it is exempted because a story can even go beyond the introduction and continue right to the body paragraphs of your piece.

Use Unclogged Paragraphs And White Spaces

The human mind doesn’t want to be stressed and so raises the alarm when it sees something that seems like a lot of work for it. More so, in this era of millions of daily blog posts, you should make your article as friendly as possible.

Be Conversational

Lastly, try to be conversational in your works especially when you’re writing a blog post. Don’t just write as if robots are the ones reading your works. Humans are, and it would not be bad to ask questions which they would answer in their minds or in the comment section. Be quirky. Pose things to them to jolt them up.



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